80-20 endorses Hillary Clinton for the California Democratic primary; Asian American voters urged to vote for Clinton and to defeat Obama

Friday, January 18, 2008

A Historic Fight Begins In California

80-20 Educational Foundation didn’t get a reply with all yeses from Sen. Obama. The deadline stated in S. B. Woo’s earnest “open letter” to him has passed. The Board of 80-20 PAC voted unanimously to endorse Sen. Clinton for the Calif. Democratic primary on Feb. 5. $30,000 has been appropriated to buy ads in Asian ethnic media in CA to spread the news of our endorsement. More is available, if needed.A Historic Fight Begins

This newsletter answers 3 key questions: What are we fighting for? Why is the fight historic? Why choose to fight in the CA Democratic primary?

What are we fighting for?
We are fighting so that the hard-fought commitment finally made to us by Sen. Clinton will be preserved after the Dem. primary is over. If Sen. Obama wins, then the iron-clad “Clinton commitment” will become null and void, because the primary is an elimination process.
Hence, we are truly fighting for ourselves –to finally enjoy equal justice and equal opportunity in workplaces — rights already enjoyed by ALL Americans except for Asian Americans.

Why is the fight historic?
If we soundly defeat Obama in the California Democratic primary, and the polls verify that Asian Americans voted in UNusually high numbers and predominantly for Clinton, then there will be a SEISMIC change in political attitude towards Asian Ams. in both parties. Why?

AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Comm.) can target a politician nationally and make that politician lose the next election. The Cuban Americans can make a politician lose in Florida. That is why the 6 million Jewish Americans and the 1 million Cuban Americans are politically so powerful. If the 13 million Asian Americans can target a top-tier presidential candidate, and make him lose in CA and perhaps nationally, Wow! Word will go forward that the Asian American community has finally become a politically cohesiveness body.

Why fight the battle in the CA Democratic Primary?
Because the battle conditions are the most ideal* for us to achieve the above goal.

Why is 80-20 picking on Sen. Obama?
Quite to the contrary, 80-20 was most considerate to Sen. Obama. You may recall that 80-20 challenged Sen. Clinton to be the first of the top-tier presidential candidates to reply to its questionnaire with all yeses. We focused on Sen. Obama for a reply, only after Sen. Clinton & Edwards have both replied with all yeses, although Obama has had our questionnaire for 6 months as all others. By then it was clearly politically safe for him to also answer yes. However, he willfully refused. So it was NOT that we picked on him, it is he who didn’t care for us! Sen. Obama left us with no choice but to defeat his candidacy.

Respectfully yours,
Kathleen To
President, 80-20 PAC, Inc.

* The ideal convergence of battle conditions are shown below:
1. CA sends the largest % of delegates, 10.7%, to the Dem National Convention (DNC) which selects Dem’s presidential nominee.
2. CA has the highest % of voters who are Asian Ams, 6 to 8% in a General election.
3. In most primaries, only half the voters normally come out to vote. But 80-20, using its huge email list and political ads, can keep the fraction of AsAm voters much higher.
4. CA’s Dem. Primary allows Declines/Independents (D/I) to vote. This gives Asian Ams. a huge advantage. 43% of Asian Ams are registered as D/I, while 23% is the average of all other communities. Hence we estimate the % of AsAm voters in the CA Dem primary to be 16%.
5. It is very easy for D/I to vote in the Dem. Primary. Any D/I can go to the polling place on the polling day [2/5, Tuesday] to ask for a ballot from the Dem Party to vote.
6. CA’s AsAm voters has a tradition of voting 70/30 for 80-20’s endorsed candidate.
7. Sen. Clinton has the endorsement of most Asian Am elected officials in CA, while Sen Obama has one or none. The combined influence of those elected officials and 80-20 will bring you the “equality” you are looking for through this HISTORIC fight.


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