Breaking the myth that Barack Obama is not a typical politician

Here is a NY Times article about how Barack Obama acted like a typical politican when it came to the issue of nuclear power.

This is not to show that Barack Obama is a horrible person because he was listening to his big money contributors in the nuclear power industry. It’s just more to say that he is just like any other politician. There seems to be some kind of myth out there that Obama is just above the fray and is not like any other politician. Somehow Hillary Clinton is some calculating politician and Barack Obama is so above that. His supporters and the media have deified him into a pure, untouchable figure. But this article shows that he is no different than any other politican in juggling various special interests and making political calculations in making decisions. When you are a politician, you make political decision. Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that Obama makes all his decisions solely on altruistic values.

Washington DC is a rough and tumble place. Obama’s rhetoric is nice. But rhetoric and fuzzy words won’t create change on its own. We need someone who will fight for change. When the chips are down and the attacks are coming from all sides, I believe Hillary has what it takes to take the hits and punch back. In these uncertain times, we need a fighter and Clinton will fight where Obama would rather vote “present” and play both sides of the field.



  1. The facts: Obama is, plainly speaking just unpopular and unimpressive to Asians and Latinos. His resume outside of his Senate win is nothing to be excited about. Many Latinos and Asians have done much more than that. And giving a decent speech in his preacher like oratory fails to make him special. There are thousands great speakers in America. On the same token his debate skills as one of my latino friends recently said are “unimpressive and novice.” While Hillary is considered to be true friend to our communities. Nominating Obama may swing these voting groups more to Republicans in the general election. Obama talks about no red or blue states, but nominating him will certainly convert some blue states to red. I guarantee he loses every swing state with large latino populations and losing large portions of the Asian vote if not all to a McCain. These are just the facts. If Democrats want any chance of winning in November they need to be more realistic and support Hillary. If not, more blue states will become red. I admire Hillary but support no one yet, but I will say that she is only one that can pick up the swing states due to her Latino and Asian backing. Democrats will be massacred with Obama as a nominee. I want to see change but only Hillary has a chance of beating McCain. Otherwise Florida, Ohio, Arizona, and maybe many more states go to McCain. These are real facts.

  2. I’m curious as to why you think that if Obama won asians and latinos would vote for McCain. If these same voters are voting for Clinton in the “Democratic” primary, why would they then switch to vote for a Republican. If this is indeed what occurs, it seem that the only rational explanation would be racism. ie. a majorities of such groups would vote for anybody aside from a black candidate. For it is very clear that Obama’s and Clinton’s policies are much closer than Clinton/McCain. How could any informed voter with democratic values vote for a candidate such as McCain, who clearly wishes to continue Bush’s failed governing style. If your theory is true and Asians and Latinos do really swing to the republican party in an attempt to foil an Obama win, my respect for such communities would be greatly marred

  3. Asian Americans and Latinos are swing voters. Over the last couple of elections, they have shown that they split their votes between Democrats and Republicans and aren’t really loyal to one party or the other as African Americans are to the Democratic Party. In 2004, Latinos support for Bush help to defeat Kerry. So they aren’t necessarily as loyal to party as other groups. So if Obama were to be the nominee instead of Clinton, many in these groups will look at McCain not because they’re racist because they will take a fresh look at the other candidate. Clinton has support in these communities because of her relationship with them over the years. Obama does not have the same relationship and bonds with these communities as Clinton does. So many in these communities will look toward McCain also. There is also affinity toward McCain by many Latinos because of his courage in breaking with his party to pursue comprehensive immigration reform and his relationships with Hispanics in a border state. I know many Asian Americans have an affinity toward him because he was a POW fighting the Communists and for many Asians that is a plus. So it will be less party based as it is candidate based.

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