80-20’s petition against CNN’s Perjorative Portrayal of the Asian American Vote

Here is the video of the CNN piece that 80-20 is protesting against. In this piece, they interview Asian Americans in Seattle before the Washington state caucus. The piece implies that Asian Americans are voting for Hillary Clinton because they are racist against Barack Obama and do not like change. The media needs to stop marginalizing the votes of Latinos and Asian Americans by implying that those groups are racist against Barack Obama. Latinos and Asian Americans like members of other racial groups vote based on substantial issues. Somehow the media is perplexed that most Latinos and Asian Americans haven’t jumped on the Obama bandwagon and can only rationalize it by saying that these groups are racist against Obama and are fearful of change. This is ridiculous. CNN has done many pieces and segments on the black-brown divide. Now they are trying to do the same with African Americans and Asian Americans. Could the reason that the majority of Latinos and Asian Americans vote for Hillary Clinton is that they like her and she has done some great outreach in those communities? Could it be that they are actually voting for Hillary Clinton and not against Barack Obama? But I guess that storyline is too boring and we need to fabricate division between racial groups to spice things up. It needs to stop. I have included the link to the 80-20 petition that you can sign telling CNN not to marginalize and stereotype Asian American voters. As a Korean American it brings back horrible memories of how the media fanned the flames of racial division by overblowing and manufacturing conflicts between African Americans and Koreans leading up to the L.A. Riots.


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