Is Barack Obama the Messiah?

This website follows the rise of Barack Obama to messiah status. You must follow him or be called a heretic.



  1. Messiah? I doubt it.

    He deals in platitudes like ‘change’ and ‘hope’ without meaingful discussion of issues.

    Obama is also a racist. He belongs to a black separatist church which only ascribes to black values and Africa. They revere Louis Farrakhan. The pastor is anti-white. If he is elected, white people will become second class citizens. Are you for that?

    Also Obama is a world socialist controlled by the CFR and Zbigniew Brezhinski. He will go to war in Darfur, Pakistan, or any other place they tell him to.

    This article below proves that he’s merely a tool for the world government and promoter of a tax to be paid to the UN to fuel its totalitarian control over us and to redistribute the wealth to other countries.

    “A nice-sounding bill called the “Global Poverty Act,” sponsored by Democratic presidential candidate and Senator Barack Obama, is up for a Senate vote on Thursday and could result in the imposition of a global tax on the United States. The bill, which has the support of many liberal religious groups, makes levels of U.S. foreign aid spending subservient to the dictates of the United Nations.”

    “The bill defines the term “Millennium Development Goals” as the goals set out in the United Nations Millennium Declaration, General Assembly Resolution 55/2 (2000).”
    “In addition to seeking to eradicate poverty, that declaration commits nations to banning “small arms and light weapons” and ratifying a series of treaties, including the International Criminal Court Treaty, the Kyoto Protocol (global warming treaty), the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.”
    An Obama presidency would be racist and a disaster for the USA.

    In one of Obama’s campaign offices, there is even a flag with a picture of a murderous Marxist dictator on it!

    Read the rest here:

    “MANAGUA, Nicaragua: President Daniel Ortega, who led the 1979 revolution in Nicaragua, says Barack Obama’s presidential bid is a “revolutionary” phenomenon in the United States.”

    Yeah, the Marxist Revolution.

    Judge the man by the company he keeps. He’s a dangerous empty suit, likely even MORE dangerous than Hillary Clinton. No man with any oo would support her.

  2. you are spreading dangerous ideas. Senator Obama is his own man and expressing the commonly held beliefs of many pateriotic Americans like myself. I think the Mileenium Project is a great idea and why not support an end to prejudice and poverty?

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