Asian American/Pacific Islanders for Hillary Clinton website

Here’s an aweseome new grassroots website for Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders supporting Hillary Clinton for President. It’s a great site to connect with other Hillary Clinton supporters and get the word out about Hillary Clinton in the AAPI community. It’s time to have our voices heard! Thanks to Steve and Sophia for creating this website!



  1. Hillary Clinton is the best candidate. Her experience and political prowess far outweighs Obama’s false promises and empty rhetoric. Read the record..Obama has passed on 140 votes in the Illinois Legislature. Many people in Illinois think that many of those votes were important. The votes he passed on were votes to protect the privacy of abused children, womans right to choose, supporting young black kids in trouble by increasing funding to after school programs and many more. He stated on national television that he sponsored the bill to protect the rights of sexually abused children and he didNOT. It was an out right lie. Yesterday he plagarized Deval Patrick, the governer of Massachusetts whose most exciting claim to fame in Massachusetts was buying himself a Cadillac with the states money. That is why the people of Massachusetts delivered the state to Hillary. They know first hand what Obama and his friend are really like. Obama denied 4 times on national television that he knew the crooked financier Revcko. The most recent denial was again televised during a national debate. He has since admitted he knows Revcko and he made a mistake in judgement by not admitting it sooner. If he had admitted it sooner would he be living in his 1.6 million dollar mansion? NO. He took 800,000 dollars from Revcko for the house. This is another fact he forgot to mention. Revcko arranged for him to purchase the hiuse for 300K under the asking price and gifted the 650,000 lot next door to Obama for 100,000. This is the worst kind of political payola there is because the Obama supporters fail to admit he did this even when faced with the facts by the ABC News Investigative team, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. I forgot..all the young Obama fans don’t read the records of the candidates. They just chant change. I guess Obama got a lot of change back from his ‘folks’ Doesn’t it bother you and your children that Obama was a drug user and seller? He shrugs it off with saying ‘no big deal’. It is a big deal when we spend countless billions of dollars as a country to fight the war on drugs and 75% of the prisons are populated by minorities whose crimes are 95% drug related or induced. Is his course of action to combat the influx of drugs to our country going to be “no big deal?” How about his empty promise to run his campaign with government funds? His pledge of honor? Hello-he is not honoring that now while he asks all of you to donate so he can continue to build a war chest to spread more empty promises. This is the beginning of Obams unravelling…just wait. There is much more. Do you think he has the ability to handle what is going on in the world today when he refused to debate the issues with another candidate who is from his own party? He is a media creation backed by his advisors to his campaign. They are all white-not one minority person-in his top tier campaign staff. Doesn’t that bother you? He would not even make a comment about those poor kids..the Jenna 5 because as he said “I do not want to give the perception that I am a black candidate’. What would race have to do with that? Those kids were being charged as adults and face life imprisonment while the white kids got charged as kids and the charges dismissed. What does that say to you?

    Keep backing this man and see what happens if he ever gets elected. He will be change all right..he will change all of us in for a few more million dollars in his pocket…

  2. She was saying that because she knew she would lose the small states and was focusing on the big ones.

    Look at her record and tell me who she has left behind. She helped to start SCHIP as first lady – which is insurance that covers 6 million indigent children across the US

    She helped get Emergency contraception over the counter, which could prevent 2 million unwanted pregnancies and 1 million abortions a year if everyone used it when they had an accident…

    She passed the Foster care and adoption act

    She passed a law to get the national guard insurance after they come back from Iraq.

    What has her opponent passed?

    Actions not words

  3. Also, Obama’s health plan would leave an estimate 15 million people uncovered (by their own will) but that would screw those of us with insurance.

    So, who is leaving people behind?

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