Barack Obama supporter unable to name any Obama accomplishments on national tv

Tonight, I was flipping through the channels and came upon MSNBC where Chris Matthews asked Barack Obama supporter, state senator Kirk Watson of Texas a simple question. Name the legislative accomplishments of Barack Obama. He stutters and admits that he is unable to name any Obama accomplishments. It gave me a good laugh. Here is the video clip of the interview.



  1. Not to sound too offish, but you’d get the same exact reaction from Clinton and McCain supporters. Clinton has written and gotten 5 laws passed vs Obama’s hundreds. Clinton has spent 3/4ths of her legisilatures getting Government Buildings named after people, getting awards out to people, and getting other nonsensical things passed. The only 2 things of interest she’s gotten passed were programs to aide 9/11 victims (big surprise there, she’s the Sen for NY).

    Those of us who stay aware (the intellectual community Clinton hasn’t been able to attract, and Obama has attracted in swarms) will gladly list 10 accomplishments of Obama for every accomplishment the most knowledgeable of the Clinton supporters can list. And all 10 will be of more importance to the country than the ones listed for her.

    This is called Media Manipulation. Put the dumbest mother fragger you can find on the spot and imply that, in doing so, this is the average supporter. Yeah, it looks bad for Obama, a bunch of no-brainers supporting him due to nothing more than his smile and rhetoric skills, but what it doesn’t mean is that we’re all so ill informed.

  2. Sphynx, you are retarded. Obama has not passed any bill that I know of. Name one if you can. He may have co-sponsored or signed onto bills that others orginated for a total of maybe 6. Even the one or two his boasts about on the trail are not his bills. Besides, the last 2 years he hasnt even been there. And I could list at least 30 Mccain bills in the last 48 months. Drink some more Kool-aid you idiot.

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