Kollaboration is an annual event put on in LA that showcases the best young talent in the Asian American community to promote their presence in entertainment and raise money for various charities and causes. This is their 8th event and they also have Kollaboration partner events in New York, Chicago, Toronto, and Atlanta. It’s taking place this Saturday on February 23rd. I wish I could go!

Kollaboration Atlanta will be this March 13-16. It will be hosted by KASCON XXII which will take place at Emory University. The annual Korean American Students Conference (KASCON) is the collegiate ethnic conference in the United States. The conference orginated at Princeton University in 1987 and will host its 22nd annual meeting at Emory University in Atlanta this year. This conference brings Korean American college students together to inspire and motivate them to advance the Korean American community. This year’s theme is “Living Your Dream”. I would encourage any Korean American college student to attend.

KASCON XIX was at the University of Washington in Seattle. Here is a video made by the former president of KASCON with clips showing KW Lee, one of my heroes, speaking about the lingering effects of the LA Riots on the Korean American community and his encouragement to the younger generation to take the mantle of leadership in the community and to have their voices heard.


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