Stop Police Brutality – Remember Michael Cho

Facebook Group – Stop Police Brutality – Remember Michael Cho 

The purpose of this group is to galvanize those who are outraged by the brutal killing of Michael S. Cho by police on December 31st, 2007. This senseless act reeks of injustice and we can not sit back idly and accept this situation as it has passed.

This type of severe police brutality is completely unacceptable. It is of essential importance to make it known that excessive violence, especially when brought upon by people established to protect the public, can not and will not be tolerated. A beautiful young man has lost his life and we can not allow him to become just another person that has been lost to gun violence

We must gather to show our support for Mike’s family, celebrate his wonderful life, and protest the actions of the La Habra Police Department.

Mike’s friends and family are petitioning for a federal investigation as we do not believe that a local investigation would either be sufficient or free of bias. Please help us find truth and justice by signing this petition:

Please upload any music, pictures, or art that may help us remember Mike for the person he was: generous, kind hearted, loving, and above all passionate.


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