This is why I’m supporting Hillary Clinton

This is the end of the debate that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama had tonight in Austin, Texas. Her heartfelt, humble, and passionate answer moved me and just reinforced why I am supporting Hillary Clinton.



  1. Hi Korean power, Hillary could not say some of the most important things she needed to say because pundits would view it as negative. I am asking you to visit the Chicago Tribune’s web sight and read that Obama finally admitted yesterday that he knows Rezko and has been friends with him for 18 years. They also researched and found out that Obama took many, many more thousands of dollars from him than the Obama campaign admitted initially. Obama and Rezko actually toured Obamas new home together and Obama supposedly asked Rezko for real estate advice. After denying his association on national tv and in 6 other interviews he now says it is ‘ridiculous’ to think he was influenced or sought a financial advantage from Rezko. These are out right lies and the public should see this and I don’t know how to get it out there. Can you help? Please do the research your self. It is all available..the contributions all went to Obama from Rezko personally and are on record now. Some of them are under the name of Rezko’s dummy corporations. They are easily identifiable as now in the Chicago Tribune article they name the dummy corps set up to buy everything from fast food restaurants to influence.
    The public must see that these actions are more than just ‘bad judgement’ and ‘silly politics’ but they are a breach of faith, lies and typical of a very two faced shyster out for personal gain-with no regard for ethics.
    Can you write a blog based on this info and let the internet read it? I would but I have no clue as to how to send to everyone. Thank you

  2. clarification. was so sleep deprived. you can just encourage people to vote in OH/TX for hillary if you can’t vote..

    wasn’t meaning to be money digging…

  3. and you can also go to
    and call people to encourage them to vote…
    don’t have to be citizen to do that
    and if you have asian language abilities, they are organizing people to call in language…

    contact me through
    if you want to help with that.

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