Paul Begala: the media is anti-Hillary Clinton

February 26, 2008 – Transcript – CNN- Anderson Cooper 360

COOPER: Paul Begala, Clinton also made an issue of feeling like the press has not treated both candidates equally. I want to play some of that.


CLINTON: Well, can I just point out that, in the last several debates, I seem to get the first question all the time. And I don’t mind. I — you know, I’ll be happy to field them. But I do find it curious. And anybody saw “Saturday Night Live,” you know, maybe we should ask Barack if he’s comfortable and needs another pillow.

I just find it kind of curious that I keep getting the first question on all of these issues. But I’m happy to answer it.


COOPER: Paul, how did that come across to you?

PAUL BEGALA, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: I don’t like politicians whining about the press. And yet, she’s right, simply as a matter of objective truth. Watch the debate.

My e-mail was going off — not a one from the Clinton campaign, by the way — but from friends, colleagues, competitors in other news media outlets who were struck that the tough question on health care, the tough question on Iraq, and even the gotcha question — what’s the name of the obscure opera chick (ph) who Vladimir Putin has put up to be his puppet replacement? OK, that’s like — that’s Final Jeopardy. Really a hard question. Nobody knows that. She even knew that one.

And really, frankly, that’s a question you logically would give to Barack, who many voters, and Hillary alleges, is not ready to lead on national security.

COOPER: So you think it is, what, is too favorable toward Barack Obama?

BEGALA: I don’t — I think they’re going to be plenty tough on Barack. I don’t think the media is anti-Clinton; I know the media is anti-Clinton, Anderson. Let’s just tell the truth here. I mean, there’s a horrible deep bias against Hillary in the press. But that’s life. There was a bias against her husband, and he carried 37 states.



  1. Interesting…. Up until 2 months ago, Clinton got -all- the media. You barely knew who she was running against. She started with all the advantageous. Name recognition, political and media support, huge wad of financial contributions. Despite all that, she’s losing. Is it really wrong that the media has finally given someone else focus? I mean hell, poor Obama. His starting media was Hussein the Osama Muslim. Yet he’s where now?

    If there is Media Bias, it’s about damn time.

  2. It is clear that Sphynx is an Obamatard, I am sorry negative coverage is not advantageous. They are openly hostile towards clinton asking her questions then fielding the same or similar questions to Obama. Who copies what Hillary says and with a cheesy smile says he can do it better… It’s time for Obama “The Black Nationalist” to come up with his own shit instead of copying whatever is popular.

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