Barack Obama lies about NAFTA according to Canadian government

Barack Obama tells Canadian government that his private position on NAFTA is different than his public position so that he can win the Democratic nomination and pander to Ohio voters.



  1. Thanks for doing your job. This is what is needed here! Obama has been treated like a king here and no one is brave enough to call him on his errors or lies.

  2. One can only hope this rare incidence of investigative reporting will begin a much needed trend toward revealing the frequent opportunism, contradictions and misleading agendas displayed by Obama. The state of our nation and the world simply cannot afford another ego-centered, self-inflating servant of private interests in the White House, especially one who plays to the emotions of the uninformed in the guise of a Messiah come to save us all. Don’t other voters (who are old enough to do so) recall George Bush claimed to be the man of the people who would bring unity to our country?

    So much for “campaign rhetoric”. I’ve been researching Obama’s shape-shifting incongruencies for some time, but I’m just one voter. It’s time more journalists (TV, papers and online) do their homework and bring this serious “question of truthfulness” forward. That’s the “momentum” our country really needs!

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