Representative Eugene Miller passionately speaks about his support for Hillary Clinton on MSNBC’s Hardball

This is a segment from “Hardball” with Chris Matthews on MSNBC. He brings on two African American politicians, one a supporter of Barack Obama and the other for Hillary Clinton. City Councilman Kevin Conwell struggles to fully verbalize his support for Barack Obama. On the other hand, Representative Eugene Miller substantively, eloquently and passionately states his strong support for Hillary Clinton.


One comment

  1. You are doing your state and Democratic supporters an enormous disservice in pronouncing Senator Clinton’s promise of a 90-day moratorium of home foreclosures and her promise of a multi-year freeze in interest rates as the answer to Ohio’s economic problems. If you followed the meetings the Federal Reserve held with Congress this week, a specific statement was made that the moratorium on forclosures “…will NEVER take place…” An extended freeze on interest rates is also an impossibility in light of our economy being just one part of an international economy. It is an implausible suggestion in terms of an effort to strengthen our economy. There are too many factors that shape our markets and commercial community. NOT FAIR TO THE PEOPLE WHO COUNT ON YOU AND TRUST YOU TO GUIDE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your comments will not be forgotten.

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