Barack Obama – the leader in blown saves

Barack Obama couldn’t close the deal again in Super Tuesday 2. He had the chance to close her out in New Hampshire and failed. He had the chance to close her out in Super Tuesday and he failed. And now he had the chance to close her out last night and failed miserably once again. Obama is the relief pitcher that keeps blowing saves.

Obama thought he could just coast with the lead. His arrogance and cockiness showed and that’s why he tends to blow so many saves. He also seemed not to know how to respond to the mainstream media actually doing their job and asking him tough questions. His press conference on Monday where he runs away from the media was emblematic of his inability to handle the heat.

Hillary Clinton won huge with working class voters. Unlike for Barack Obama’s base, the latte liberals (why do so many of them worship Noam Chomsky, a person that supports Holocaust deniers and slams Judaism?), working class people cannot depend on fluffy words. They need substance. They need a fighter. That’s what they have in Hillary Clinton.

It will be interesting to see where this race goes from here. It looks like Pennsylvania is the next big battle. If Ohio is any sign, it looks like a favorable state for Hillary Clinton.



  1. Please, give reference to those rather…. bizzare allegations. Like, how there was any chance of all of Obama closing anyone out with New Hampshire, or Super Tuesday, when he came into both from behind.

    His first ‘chance’ to end this was last night, and -everyone- knew we were going into a 2-state loss.

    More importantly (and bizzarely) what arrogance and cockiness?!? The man is as far from arrogant and cocky as Ghandi. Surely you have -something- you can reference us towards instead of just throwing up hate and expecting us to swallow it as truth.

  2. to be clear, chomsky doesn’t suggest that the holocaust never happened. as i understand it, this argument stems from chomsky’s defense of robert faurrison, who wrote that the gas chambers never existed. in response, chomsky said that even having a debate about whether or not the holocaust occurred means losing your humanity. chomsky, however, DID defend faurrison’s right to publish his opinions, and criticized the fact that faurrison was charged with “falsification of history” — a fascist doctrine. chomsky supported faurrison’s right to enter the marketplace of ideas. of course, chomsky has his critics that offer their own interpretation of chomsky’s arguments, but the man himself has explicitly said that he was ONLY defending faurrison’s right to free speech.

    and remember christian — if obama seals the deal at some point (i think i read in newsweek that if clinton won the next 14 states by a margin of 55-45%, she would still have not caught up in the delegate count), or if they form a joint-ticket, you’re gonna hafta join the “latte liberals” and vote for him in november, so try not to critique him too much now =).

  3. 1.) In New Hampshire, the Obama campaign and his biggest constiuency, the mainstrem media all were predicting an Obama win in New Hampshire and claimed that would end the nomination battle. All the pundits were talking about how much Obama would win by. But he couldn’t close the deal. On Super Tuesday, Obama and the media once again said he had the momentum and the wave would put him over the top in California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. He got trounced in all three states even with the endorsements of the Massachussets party bosses of Kennedy, Kerry, and Patrick. Then last night, the Obama campaign, his surrogates, and the media were talking about how Hillary Clinton should bow out – including Jonathan Alter (Barack Obama fan like Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman) of Newsweek saying she should bow out before March 4. All his surrogates were saying that polls were wrong because they can’t measure all this support he has. Once again, the wave was unable to come through.

    2.) You may think Obama is the greatest thing since sliced bread. But he is nowhere close to Gandhi. That’s ridiculous.

    3.) Obama and the media raved about how great he does in the caucuses. As of last count, with 37% of the precincts in Texas reporting, Obama had a slim 52%-48% lead over Clinton. I would hardly call that a beat down.

    4.) I guess I would include myself as one of those people that interprets his defense of Faurrison differently. I also have issues with his connections with some unscrupulous groups. But all that is a whole different conversation. I think this just came up for me because so many liberals I talk to in person or online just worship this guy and I don’t get it. I want to add that to the blog – #82 Noam Chomsky.

    5.) I think even if she’s behind in delegates, but not by much, I think she’ll have a moral claim to the nomination with her wins in big states. I think eventually the DNC is gonna have to count those delegates in Florida and Michigan. I know Jonathan Alter of Newsweek and the media pundits in the tank for Obama are trying to downplay Hillary Clinton’s victories yesterday, but I think it’s more complicated than that.

    6.) If Obama’s the nominee, I’ll support him. What I want to see is if he can take the heat because this will be nothing compared to the things that the Republicans will do to him if he’s the nominee.

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