Celebrating Women: A Note from America Ferrera (Ugly Betty)

Photo of America Ferrera

Celebrating Women: A Note from America Ferrera

by America Ferrera
3/20/2008 10:10:13 AM
This entry is part of a series in celebration of Women’s History Month.I grew up in a big family – one brother and four sisters – so my house was always a little bit chaotic.  Everyone was always trying to talk over everyone else.  I think it’s probably a little like that in households all across America.  But every voice represents someone with unique needs, hopes, and concerns.That’s one of the reasons I’m supporting Hillary, because I know that she’s listening to every single American, and working her hardest on all those issues that truly make a difference in their lives.

The night Hillary won New Hampshire, I danced around my living room and smiled until I couldn’t smile anymore. But after campaigning with her in Nevada, I felt more than just joy; I felt so much pride in her candidacy. When I was there with Hillary and Chelsea, I saw Hillary’s ability to hear above the noise, and to truly listen. I watched her talk with people, and hear what they were saying. I heard her recount their struggles. I heard in her voice just how much she cared about every person we met. I believe in Hillary. I believe there is no problem too large for her to solve. I believe with my whole heart that Hillary can turn this country around.

This election is too important for any woman or man to stand on the sidelines.  All across the country, in places like Ohio and Texas, people are feeling the same excitement I am – and they’re going to the polls for Hillary in astounding numbers. I am excited to be in Pennsylvania this weekend on behalf of the campaign. This campaign isn’t just about Latinas, or just about women; but I’m both, and I know Hillary stands for me.



  1. So Ferrera, as a Latina woman, how do you feel she represents you? I’m a young Latina as well, but I feel Barack represents the hibridity that I feel I am, and I feel his politics allow for people that are often marginalized to challenge the normal paradigms of politics and the symbolisms of this country. I admire Clinton tons for where she is today, but I always get the feeling that she is not challenging us as a country enough. Its important for a president to do his part, but I feel its important for Americans to become involved again and to hold politicians accountable, including Barrack and Clinton. How do you feel she can fulfill my desires for this country to change, not just for the presidency to chance, but for the country to change. I think we need a real shift in how we solve problems in the 21st century. I don’t know if Obama really will, but I’m even lest certain that Hilary will.

  2. How is Barack challenging this country? Hillary’s health care plan requires EVERY American to share the responsibility of health care costs by enrolling in a health care plan. She knows that the only way to keep costs low for everyone is to have full participation. This is what I call challenging America. Barack’s plan doesn’t require everyone to enroll, and thus ends up costing more for those who are enrolled. Even though Barack himself pushed for bold changes and universal health care in a speech in 2006, his presidential plan does not live up to his own words.

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