Vote for Gene Wang for District 14 Hillary Clinton Delegate of California for the Democratic National Convention

Vote for Gene Wang for District 14 Delegate

On the afternoon of Sunday, April 13, each congressional district will hold a caucus to electthe delegates from that district to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, in August. I am running to be the delegate from District 14 (Santa Clara) in support of Hillary Clinton.



I am a successful 3 time high tech CEO and strongly believe that Hillary Clinton is the best hope for the free world. 

I have been very active in support of Senator Clinton’s candidacy, spearheading the Asian American outreach here in the

district where we captured almost 90% of the Asian vote.  I traveled to Nevada and Texas to actively campaign for her

and will go to Pennsylvania as well.  I have written a YouTube video called Hillary4UandMe that has received over a half million

hits and have just finished a new song called Hillary in the House (see the links below). My family has maxed out in donating to the

Hillary Clinton campaign and you can count on me to vote for Hillary at the Democratic National Convention.

Hillary In The House

Hillary 4 U and Me



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