Sexist media bias against Hillary Clinton

Here’s a video showing the sexist media bias against Hillary Clinton:



  1. Break the Glass Ceiling Hillary Clinton! The bias from the “Good Old Boys” Black or White is disgusting! Lead us out of War and help our Nation get out of the embarrasment George Bush has caused. George Bush is what inexperienced looks like America! The facts are: We went to war to revenge Sadan Hussains death threat against George Bush Senior and for OIL.
    The lies George Bush, Condie, Rumsfeld and Colin Powell have told to dupe the American public.

  2. Extraordinary, excellent work! I sat stunned and I am still outraged. I have forwarded this to as many people as possible and posted the link on my own forum.

    Ladies, this is not so much about Hillary as it is about how the men in this country really feel about us. In what context would similar outrageous smears be allowed against men? This primary has forever changed my feelings towards the Demcoratic party, after what I have seen from the so-called liberal males I will from now on register as an Independent and vote accordingly.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to create a blog post on the video “Mad as Hell/Bitch”.

    The video was created by two grassroots supporters who met online, IndyRobin and GeekLove08. It took 4 weeks to create the video as we were collaborating via e-mail and we had a lot of material to work with. Both of us are fairly new to YouTube– I started to create videos in February and this was IndyRobin’s first video.

    We believe that the message of misogyny, as well as the character assassination of Hillary Clinton, by the media is an important one. We are “mad as hell” that television has become what Edward R. Murrow had warned about in 1958 when he said “This instrument can teach, it can illuminate; yes, and it can even inspire. But it can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends. Otherwise it is merely wires and lights in a box.”

    Thanks to people like you, the video has gone “viral” spreading through the internet, and perhaps inspiring people to speak out against the media.

    If you and/or your readers have the opportunity, we would appreciate it very much if you could go to the original video post on YouTube and RATE the video, post a COMMENT on the video, and FAVORITE the video. These actions will help the video earn YouTube “honors” which may help further promote the video online. (You can get to the YouTube site for the video by double clicking the video on your blog.)

    Thanks again for your post.


    P.S. The video is NOT an anti-Obama video, but rather a video against the media bias. No matter who one supports, this type of character assassination and sexism by the media should not be tolerated. However, for those who do support Hillary Clinton, a donation to her campaign, for those who can afford it, would be great. There is a donation link on YouTube. The donation link appears when you click “More info” that appears next to the video information “Added: April 06, 2008”. I will also try to post a link here too — Click to Donate. Thanks.

  4. “Screw ‘em,” Hillary Clinton told her husband. “You don’t owe [Southern working class whites] a thing, Bill. They’re doing nothing for you; you don’t have to do anything for them.”

    The January 1995 Hillary Clinton “screw ‘em” admonition, is a more than apt representation of character. Hillary’s history of lies and unethical behavior goes back farther, and goes much deeper than anyone realizes. Particularly telling, is the fact that Leon Panetta was present during Hillary’s “write them off: screw them” remark. While Hillary sees herself as the “champion of the oppressed,” there’s always a kind of “good guy versus bad guy mentality.” But Hillary has treated and continues to treat all working class Americans as a species apart, and screw them she did:

    Ps. Say goodbye to the small blond man with breasts, boys.

  5. Check out today’s Slate — they like to use pix of Hillary caught at bad moments — today’s makes her look hysterical. It is such a sexist site. One feature is the “Hillary Deathwatch!” WTF????
    Apparently, they can’t add or read polls, ’cause she’s not all that far behind. The unapologetic sexism of the media is

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