Hillary Clinton’s speech after her solid win in Pennsylvania

I just came back from the Oregon coast. I missed watching Hillary Clinton’s victory in Pennsylvania. It’s not surprising to see so many of the pundits and media elite who are trying to still push Hillary out even after a double digit win in Pennsylvania. She was outspent by Obama over 3 to 1 and yet he still lost by double digits. She has been heavily pressured by the Obama campaign and the media elite (who are both on the same team) to get out the race. However, Hillary continues to get my utmost respect because she is a fighter who will not quit. It’s interesting and revealing to see all these men afraid of this empowered woman. “How dare she keep winning elections? Doesn’t she know her place?”

Since the 24 hours after her victory in Pennsylvania, she has raised $10 million dollars from 100,000 new donors. Despite the expected attempt from the Obama campaign and the media elites to push her out, her supporters are coming out and staying on board until the end. Just like Maya Angelou, I’m also with Hillary until the very end. Keep fighting on, Hillary!

Here’s Hillary Clinton’s great victory speech in Pennsylvania.


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