Will women who support Hillary Clinton defect if Barack Obama becomes the nominee?

Hillary Clinton supporters on the “O’Reilly Factor” threatening to boycott the election or vote for John McCain if Barack Obama is the nominee. Is this a microcosm of women who support Hillary Clinton who will defect from the Democratic Party if Barack Obama becomes the nominee?

Also, here’s a new blog that is being promoted by Hillary Clinton bloggers in light of Obama’s multiple “sweetie” comments: Sweeties Against Obama



  1. um, Faux Noise uses any “unsuspecting” person off the street to fake their point. So I really doubt this is much of an issue other than what the media tries to spin it as.

    Faux Noise, the most credible name in journalistic integrity brings you this as “news”

    I think this is answer enough.

    And as to the “Sweetie’s Against Obama” 99% certainty tells one it is a bunch of pasty white, angry Republican males, who’s only contact with females is through Fox “journalism”

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