Clinton supporters: Not ready to make nice

Video showing the constant barrage of sexism that has been pointed at Hillary Clinton throughout the campaign season. It’s interesting how many Obama supporters and bloggers have said the most vile things about Hillary Clinton and are now trying to act nice with her supporters. It’s not gonna be that easy to reconcile.



  1. Any chance you might post a dissenting view to your own? I don’t recall you authorizing my last comment, but might be wrong.

    Any ways, I think this “Sexist” claim is rather hypocritical, and seeing as though you are an Asian man, I am curious as to why you are buying into this weakly based argument.

    You can read and comment as to how this falls into your belief of “how it is” as I’m really curious, being as though you are not a women.

    Are those claiming “Sexism” is at fault, really the Sexists?

  2. I don’t think you have to be a woman to fight against sexism and misogyny. Also, as an Asian American, I know what it feels like to be the victim of discrimination. People of color and women know what it feels like to be oppressed. I don’t see any hypocricy in advocating against sexism as an Asian American man. As a man, and a beneficiary of male privilege, I think it is imperative that I do speak up against sexism and mysogyny. In the same way, I think it’s imperative for white people to speak out against racism. I’m not claiming sexism is the only reason why Hillary Clinton is in the position she is in. Her campaign advisors made some major strategic and tactical mistakes. My point is that I’ve been disgusted by some so-called progressives who support Barack Obama who have said some of the most overtly sexist things about Hillary Clinton and her supporters. And now that Obama is on the cusp of the nomination, they want to play nice and act like everything is forgotten. I’m just saying it’s not gonna be that easy to reconcile.

  3. Honestly, I am not certain as to what you would be talking about. I’m not certain if you read my post on this, but Hillary & her campaign have made HUGE mistakes that have taken here out of favor with many in the party, whereby whether she is a woman or not, has absolutely no or marginally small bearing on the voter’s decision not to vote for her. I would not vote for a single Senator who voted to authorize who has not come out and acknowledge he/she made a serious mistake and vows to make good on his/her errors. Hillary has refused to do so, and make no doubts about it, someone who trying to decide on who to support, when many of Clinton & Obama’s positions are very similar, need only consider how they feel on the war and an issue of gender or race is not even “in the universe” of considerations.
    I have yet to see someone of significance in the Obama campaign use derogatory remarks that could be construed as “sexist” or pointing out Clinton’s gender. I have seen John McCain be confronted with sexist remarks about Hillary barely bat an eye or admonish that supporter, but that was NOT an Obama supporters. So where is your belief that many Obama supporters are sexist to the level of “disgusting” you come from, as I would really like to know. I could give you 20 substantive reasons why I don’t support Clinton and something about her gender is not one of them.
    You have heard of “[Wo]Man & the Time”, where there is a confluence of a specific person and a specific time, that makes both that person and that time stick out? His is one of those confluences, such as Margeret Thatcher & the Falklands, John Kennedy & the Cuban MIssle Crisis, and Reagan & “Tear down this wall”.
    If the economy was booming, the war in Iraq had gone “great” and was resolved already, over 70% of the population wanted to stay in Iraq, then Hillary Clinton’s gamble to “look strong on defense” and not backing down on how that was a mistake, may have paid off, given McCain wasn’t swept into power off hypothetical coattails of Bush popularity, but that is not how thing are.
    HRC gambled, knew the stakes of her gamble were huge, consciously chose to make that wage & lost. Now she claims she is being discriminated against because of her sex?! No she is not supported by the majority because she gambled her career, lost, then expect everyone to deny it happened instead of her coming clean about it?
    There is no sexism here, if anything it is manufactured by the media to continue this race as they make more profits from the coverage.
    As to HRC’s decision to stay in, her airplane already “clipped its wings” on a mountain top, that mountain being her not acknowledging her mistake on Iraq, and now instead of her trying to land the plane safely, she is pointing it directly at the city below.

    ps I’m gonna link this discussion as I think it is important to get out there.

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