In Praise of Liberal Guilt: It’s not wrong to favor Obama becuase of race

I found this article by Ron Rosenbaum on In the article, he as a white liberal praises liberal guilt in voting for Barack Obama because of his race. He says it’s a great thing to vote for Barack Obama based on white guilt. But then he also says that Hillary Clinton’s issues have nothing to do with sexism as much as it has to do with the fact she’s a “Clinton.” So once again it’s the “Not Clinton” excuse. It’s not because she’s a woman, but because she’s Hillary Clinton. Once again it’s the denial of sexism against Hillary Clinton, but it’s cool to vote for Barack Obama because of his race. So it also brings up whether Geraldine Ferraro was telling the truth when she said Barack Obama’s race has been a net plus in this presidential race. I still don’t know. It’s definitely a reality that there’s a chunk of the electorate that will not vote for Obama because of his race. But white latte liberal Obama supporters like Ron Rosenbaum show that there are many whites that will vote for Obama because of his race and at least he’s honest about it. I hope Ron Rosenbaum isn’t expecting extra points for voting for an African American for president. Solving the problems of racism in our nation is more complex and painful than voting for Obama in November. I hope condescending white elite latte liberals aren’t patting themselves on the back just yet.



  1. Call me crazy, but isn’t possible that some of the people voting for Barack Obama actually like him (his public speaking skills, his charisma, his platform)?

    I’m sure white liberal guilt probably helped propel him into the spotlight, but Jesse Jackson did not get this far.

    It is possible for a black person to actually be a good candidate and not just voted in because of his race.

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