Joan Walsh schools Obama cheerleaders, Chris Matthews and Joe Madison about the RFK comments on Hardball

Tonight, I was having dinner with a friend from out of town. He had one of his friends join us who proudly proclaimed that he was an Obama supporter. He said that since she lost multiple races after Super Tuesday which caused her to fall behind in the delegate count, it just proved that “women can’t count.” I’m getting a extremely tired of Obamabots saying sexist and idiotic things about Hillary Clinton.

This is a clip of Joan Walsh taking Chris Matthews and Joe Madison to school about the contrived controversy about the RFK remarks. You can tell that Chris Matthews is speechless because Joan Walsh takes it to him directly. The sexist that Chris Matthews is, he is unable to deal with a strong woman that fights back. Joe Madison, as the Obama apologist, shows his cowardice because he won’t take a stand on the issue and uses the old, “other people have said” excuse. Kudos to Joan Walsh for her courage in telling the truth and not accepting the BS coming from the Obama campaign, their supporters, and the media. The more this issue is pushed and the more Hillary Clinton is demonized, the more it makes me want to write in Hillary Clinton’s name on my ballot instead of holding my nose and voting for Barack Obama in November. The Obama campaign and the media arrogantly believe that all the Clinton supporters are going to blindly flock back to Obama in the fall if he’s the nominee. They are playing with fire right now and if they continue to act foolishly, they will get burned.


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