Hillary Clinton voters angry at DNC over Florida and Michigan – will vote for John McCain in November if Barack Obama is the nominee



  1. We’re learning a lot about Hillary and her supporters.

    The first woman’s eagerness to buy into right-wing propaganda is very telling, and shows she’s tailor-made for the Republican party anyway. That kind of uncritical thinking thrives among GOP’s voters.

    I am astonished that anyone could call Obama the “elitist” candidate, when most of the money he raised came from “the people” rather than from Wall Street and corporate elites.

    So much for losing graciously. The time to complain about this was in January.

  2. This message is for the angry Hillary supporters. Please read in the spirit it is written. Thank you.
    I am from Arkansas. We here in Akansas put the Clintons in the governer’s office for 12 years. Then we helped to put them in the White House for 8 years. We love the Clintons and appreciate all they have done for this country. HOWEVER, this country has sooo… much talent, and others coming up, that other people should have an opportunity to go forth and pursue their dreams as well. As an African American, though out the history of this country, we have only been able to vote for the White man for President. I understand how you feel about having a “women” in office. That is the same passion we feel about having an African American in office. We have always had White leadership, but not Afican American leadership. i am am older American, and would love to see this history made before I pass on. Please understand this. We have voted for the Clintons lots of times. You all have never voted for an African American for President, ever!! I can understand the hurt and disapointment, but I can’t understand the angry! Why anger? What has Senator Obama done to you to make you angry? Also, some have said he “stole” the election from her. One can only steal something from someone if they already owns it. No one owns the nomination. It up for whoever wins the nomination. To say he stole it is to say he “had no business running”. we all know that’s unfair. Please give him a chance. We will again vote for Senator Clinton, as we always have. I pray you cease with the angry. Thanks for reading. God bless America

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