2008 Spanish Federation Cup Tennis Team Picture

Looks like it’s not only the Spanish Olympic basketball team doing the racist “chinaman” pose. The 2008 Spanish Federation Cup Tennis team did the same thing. Hmmm… maybe we’re seeing a pattern here?



  1. So the b-ball team states there pic was a compliment to their sponsor so what the f***! is their excuse? Spain definitely does not deserve the 2016 Olympics…I just hope this does not represent the sentiment of the whole country but I have yet to see anyone from media outlets in Spain condemn the pictures…stupid sp*cs…

  2. If you knew about Spanish culture you would know this is not a racist thing in our country but a way to be friendly with you, Asian people. But because you, AngryAsian, don’t know a damn thing and you are too retard to be informed before criticizing, I won’t waste words explaining it to you.

    Oh, btw, it’s VEEERY clever of you to say a country it’s “racist” using the sentence “stupid sp*cs” to prove your point. Because that’s not racist, not racist at all… at least I was insulting your persona, not the whole country you are from.

    Study the cultures first, criticize later. Thanks

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