Obama Lead Halved in 2 New National Polls

Senator Obama,

Swallow your pride and do what you know will guarantee you a victory in November:

Select Hillary Clinton as your running mate!

Real Clear Politics; by Tom Bevan; August 20, 2008

Two new national surveys, one from NBC/WSJ (August 15-18, 1,005 RV, MoE +/-3.1%) and one from CBS News/NY Times (August 15-19, 869 RV) show identical results: Obama’s lead over John McCain has been cut in half over the last month, from six points to three points. In both polls, Obama now leads McCain 45 to 42.

CBS News/NY Times
Obama 45 (nc vs. last poll July 31 – August 5)
McCain 42 (+3)
Undecided 10 (-3)

Also of note from the CBS/NYT poll: Obama voters more enthusiastic than McCain voters by a two-to-one margin (48-24), McCain leads Independents by 12 (48 to 36). Obama’s favorable rating is a net +7 (39/32) and McCain’s is a net +1 (34/33).

NBC News/Wall St. Journal
Obama 45 (-2 vs. last poll July 18-21)
McCain 42 (+1)

Also of note from the NBC/WSJ poll: only 52% of Clinton primary backers say they will vote for Obama, while 21% say they will vote for McCain and 27% are undecided. On a related note, Clinton beat McCain in hypothetical match up by 6 points, 49 to 43. McCain holds comfortable leads on national security, Obama has similar leads on domestic issues. 29% say McCain is running a negative campaign while only 5% say Obama has gone negative.

Overall, Obama’s lead in the RCP National Average is 1.2%.



  1. The democrats must be realy shook for them to lie about these polls.

    You can fool some of the people some of the time. Part of the people part of the time,but you cannot fool all the people all of the time.

  2. Could we please have some media coverage on the court case against Obama due to his refusal to produce a birth certificate or proof of citizenship??

  3. Where is the leadership in the republican party. McCain certainly is not it. The VP candidate shows energy, confection and is enthusiastic. Why don’t they put someone like Halley Barber on camera. That guy could get everybody pumped-up. Most of what we see on camera are sheep

  4. I find it hard to believe that Obama is in the lead when McCain holds the popular vote. Makes me really wonder about the level of corruption in this country. And PS: Liberals in the news quit saying “what the people want” because you do not represent what most people want.

  5. Could we please have some coverage of Sarah Pailins support for the Alaska Indpendence party and her husbands membership in it. Also, statements made by Joe Volger in relation to how he feels about the American government. I thought it might be important considering her opinions of patriotism lately.

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