Hillary Clinton delegate pours our her heart after Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention

In my previous post, I talked about a Hillary Clinton delegate crying as she was interviewed after Hillary Clinton’s speech. This is the video of Anna Price-Miller, a Hillary Clinton delegate from the state of Washington, as she is interviewed on CNN. She is representative of many Hillary Clinton supporters who are still wounded and extremely reluctant to support Barack Obama. Barack Obama still has a long way to go to close the deal.



  1. Fellow Latinos, let’s chew on this for a few minutes if you will.

    This is getting really intersting.

    I’m going to say it because nobody else will.

    As everyone is fully aware of, Hillary backers that will not stop with the chanting and moaning to put Hillary on the ticket for the VP spot. Hillary backers are also not letting go of the fact that it was a known democratic rules game from the beginning, win or lose, both parties agreed and it was finally decided upon by the delegates and super delegates on who will be their representative for the Dem. nomination.

    However, although hypothetical, let’s turn the tables to bring reality into check for both Hillary supporters and Obama supporters just for a moment.

    What IF Hillary Clinton did win the majority of the delegates and super delegates that she needed to claim the Democratic ticket?

    This is exactly what would have happened….. (Que the dreamscape music)

    She would have slammed the door totally shut on Obama’s face in a heartbeat.
    The Clintons would have made sure that the media didn’t even mention Obama on a positive note.
    They would have long prepared to use more dirty media against Obama if his backers began to fight back.
    They would have used all funds to close her debt and kept the rest for personal use. Without even blinking, they would have told Obama to stick his debt where the sun don’t shine.
    There would have been talk all over the media about getting Bill back into the White House as VP or a very senior role on the administration.
    To make sure the Obama’s don’t make it back into the race in 2012, the Clintons would have continued to bring up Rezko issues and possibly any other kind of legal items against Rezko to make the Obama’s life is very difficult.
    They would have had to live up to all their high priced donor’s lobbying demands.
    They would have had to break public promises, to live up to those demands.
    The bottom line is that all Clinton supporters, really need to dig just a little into the recent past of both Clintons power abuse. So ask yourself, why are the Clintons fighting so-so desperately for the right to be President? Nooo it’s not health care reform, or women’s rights, yada yada. It’s clemency powers, pardoning powers and what is only meant for a time of National Security – the executive privileges’. Clip They NEED the presidential powers back again to make past criminal activity and present pending investigations disappear fast. clip

    Here are some very good factual research avenues.

    Documentary: (1 of 12 clips)

    If Hillary backers still want to harp about their cherished votes for the Clintons after doing some basic research, frankly I’m positive nobody will want them anyway. They can keep their so called coveted votes. Case in point: Watch

    Your choice is clear, stand behind Obama 100% or face another 4 years of Bush failed policies.


  2. This woman is a disgrace to African Americans. It’s fine that she identifies with being a woman before being black, but to go as far as saying that she would not support Obama and in the same breath talk about how far we’ve come makes her the ultimate hypocrite. Obama’s policies are 90% in line with Hillary’s and whether or not she thinks he can get the job done, she needs to realize that every lost vote for the democrats equals one vote for McCain. So I guess the thought of having another old white man with Bush’s policies is better to her than having a young black man who inspires. Anne Price-Mills truly saddens me…

  3. Judith and mfish,

    So, Anna Price-MIller now needs a ‘certificate’ from other African Americans to prove that she is black? Does this also mean that blacks must unanimously support Obama no matter what? By the same argument, does that mean all whites must support McCain? Does that mean that whites not supporting McCain have been ‘thoroughly brainwashed’? What kind of arguments are you both putting forward?

    For your information, even John Kerry had only 89% support amongst Democrats in the last election. Does that mean the other 11% were not true Democrats? This isn’t about Hillary and Obama having similar policies. This is about millions of ordinary Americans strongly believing that she is the most qualified candidate. You can’t shove your beliefs (“Obama is more qualified”) down someone else’s (“Hillary supporters”) throat! Is it that hard to understand?

    Anyway, all this is irrelevant now! Hillary is firmly behind Obama now and so are most of her supporters. Instead of trashing die-hard Hillary supporters, go out and spread the word. Obama has to earn each vote; not everything will be provided to him on a platter. Try to wrap your heads around that!

  4. Like mfish said Anna Price is pathetic. Hillary supporters like her were not in it for the issues, they were in it because Hillary is a woman and they wanted a woman president…PERIOD. They then used to issues to cover up their real reason for voting for her. She didn’t win and now they are bitter. If they were really about the issues then they’d have no problem voting for Obama.

    No one said Anna Price has to prove that she’s Black or that she has to vote for Obama and no one is trying to shove their beliefs down anyone’s throat. But as a BLACK WOMAN I have to say that she is a hypocrite and a total disappointment.

    If you’re not voting at all because you’re in opposition to Obama you might as well just go and vote for McCain.

  5. Whoa! Can we say, Hillary Groupie!

    I’ve heard of all of the Hillary backers who have said they won’t support Barack, but this woman is over the top. I’m disgusted.

    She seems adamant about not voting for McCain so if it comes to an issue of voting for the lesser of two evils (NOT my view), why say you may not vote at all? Who could even consider not taking advantage of a right that African Americans AND women have fought so hard to earn!

    She spoke on Hillary’s experience but it seems that she identified more with Hillary b/c she’s a woman. Clearly, this groupie missed the memo about being a woman OF COLOR. I’m embarrassed for her. Eww.

    People like her will give us another four years of Bush. Let’s pray it isn’t so…

  6. AR,

    I am astounded by your condemnation of Anna Price! You fail to notice or rather choose to ignore (conveniently) the fact that Obama’s resume was/is very “thin” of all candidates. What is more, this was pointed out by none other than Joe Biden during the primary and now the same Biden is the Democratic vice-presidential nominee. What should we conclude from this? The fact that Obama is a hypocrite (what happened to the change message?) or the fact that Biden is a hypocrite given that he so exuberantly endorses Obama now?

    Anna was merely pointing out the fact that Hillary was/is much more qualified than Obama. PERIOD. If you can’t see that, then the point is moot! However, for the sake of the Democratic party, there are enough Democrats (including die-hard Hillary supporters) who will vote for Obama, come November.

    My family has always been die-hard Democrats but this time around even they had a hard time accepting that Obama can actually do something to bring about the much needed change in the country. They have seen a lot in their lives to learn to distinguish between rhetoric and action. Having said so, I have convinced them that Obama will indeed bring about change and that his policies are essentially the same as Hillary’s. And now, they have decided they will vote for Obama after all. Anyway, I feel Democrats are wasting too much of their time over this Obama/Hillary issue when the need of the hour is to look forward and not look backward.

  7. Hey. Stop slamming Anna. She was just being honest. It takes awhile to heal. At least she is not voting for McCain. I know several “soccer moms” in swing states that are voting for McCain, now that he has selected Palin. (yuck!!) and I am trying to convince them otherwise.

    Anna spoke of experience. As an Asian American and woman, I want a meritocracy, not a popularity contest. Hillary had the experience. Barack did not. But he was certainly charismatic and he is certainly smart. I will vote for Barack b/c we can’t have McCain.

    But Anna has the right to ask Obama supporters to convince her to vote for him. Obama people can’t take the Hillary supporters for granted. That’s what I feel they did when they didn’t ask her to be VP. It was a choice of riling up the Repubs (against Hillary) and picking up all the Hillary people versus not riling up the Repubs and assuming the Hillary people would come along.

    To bring in people like Anna, we need to reach out to Hillary supporters, keep asking Hillary to reach out to Hillary supporters, and make the case as to not voting is almost as bad as voting for McCain.

  8. Anna needs to sit down and stop pretending to cry. Let’s all get it…she was giving her first debut on tv. If you watch closely, she was trying to create tears as she was trying to think of what to say. She needs to give up! And yes, a “no vote” IS a vote for McCain. Wake up Anna and smell the coffee!

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