Hillary Clinton delivers in Denver

Hillary Clinton Intro Video

Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention

Hillary Clinton gave the speech of her life tonight at the Democratic National Convention. She genuinely and forcefully endorsed Barack Obama. I hope this will shut up annoying Obama supporters and idiotic pro-Obama media pundits especially on CNN and MSNBC who kept putting the burden on HIllary Clinton to convince her supporters to come toward Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton has done her part and now it’s all on Barack Obama. At the end of the day, it is up to the actual candidate to convince voters to support him. So if Obama blows this election, he will not be able to blame Hillary Clinton.

As I watched the speech, it reinforced how proud I was and am to support Hillary Clinton. She definitely connected with working people as a fighter for them in a way Obama has up to this point unable to do. The longer I heard her speak, the more it made me sort of sad. It reminded me again that she is definitely the best candidate for President. It also made me sad to know that I will forced to vote for someone who is the second best candidate on Election Day. Ironically, I think for most Hillary Clinton supporters like myself, the more she shined brightly as she spoke tonight, the more you wanted her to be President. You saw the many Clinton delegates crying as she delivered her magnificent speech. I think for many of her supporters, they have a heart connection to her that will not be broken through speeches about policy. I think even her speech will not be enough to convince many of them to vote for Obama.

After the speech, CNN interviewed an African American female Hillary Clinton delegate named Anne Price-Mills from the state of Washington who was shedding a lake of tears as she shared how sad she was to realize that HIllary Clinton would not be the nominee. As she continually choked up, she said that even though she wouldn’t vote for McCain, Obama has two months to show her why she should vote for him. She said if that doesn’t happen, this would be the first time in her life that she would not vote. That is probably a common sentiment among many Hillary Clinton supporters. It is now up to Obama to convince them to vote for him and that will not be an easy task, especially after he arrogantly snubbed her from the VP spot. Thank you Hillary Clinton for being an inspiration to so many!



  1. Yep, Hillary really kicked a**. Her and Bill would definitely clobber Barack and Michelle behind the desk at the White Houe, but as Hillary said, this isn’t about her, it’s about rescuing the country. Barack Obama is stil a 10x better choice than John McCain!

  2. Why does Obama have to prove to White females why they should vote for him? Why isn’t the same being asked of McCain? Bottom line, Hillary’s White female supporters are angry a Black man beat her. Had a White male conquered her they would have gladly gone on vote for him before they went Republican. Either way, she is out and her time is up. She will never be President, Vice President or anything else and ultimately, people like McCain made it that way.

  3. Lucille,

    I think the winner has to be more gracious and accommodating than the loser. Given how thin Obama’s resume was/is, it is hard for a lot of Americans to accept his ‘Change’ message without concrete plans/ideas on the table. Just because you have bought the change message, it doesn’t mean every Democrat has to buy the same! If you find this hard to understand, you need to expand your mind a bit more to understand others’ point of view.

    Anyway, all this is moot, now. Most Hillary supporters will listen to her speech that she gave yesterday and support Obama even though it might be difficult for them to do so. There is an emotional connection that people have with Hillary, something that I have seen in my own family. Call it ’emotional healing’ or ‘catharsis’ or whatever, but give Hillary’s supporters some time and space.

    And, most importantly, I have a fear that Hillary bashers like you might cost Obama the election in November. You have to learn to restrain yourself from engaging in anti-Hillary rhetoric for Obama’s sake. Your candidate is already the nominee now! So, go out and do your best to convince other voters, who may not be convinced yet, to vote for Obama. Learn to be gracious to Hillary’s voters. They have gone through a lot, given how the media tore her apart during the primary. Some people still haven’t forgotten all that. Anyway, hope you get the message.

  4. Oh, and I forgot! One isn’t a racist if one doesn’t support Obama. If you think otherwise, well, what can I say?! You still don’t understand Hillary’s supporters, do you?

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