Bill Clinton rocks the house!!!

Bill Clinton was welcomed by a raucous crowd that he had to tell to stop cheering because they were going crazy over him. That was a well-deserved reception for the only two-term Democratic president since Franklin Roosevelt. He was a great reminder of how times were so much better before the debacle called the Bush presidency. All the Clinton haters in the media kept saying how he might get booed and how he would give a tepid endorsement of Barack Obama. However, he gave a ringing endorsement of Barack Obama and gave his campaign a blueprint of how to defeat John McCain. He outlined the differences between the two parties and wasn’t afraid to attack McCain and the Republicans. This is in contrast to the Obama campaign which has been reticent to go on the offensive and has for the last month just been responding to the attacks of the McCain campaign. That is why this election is virtually tied, when Obama should be ahead by double digits. Bill Clinton has a proven track record of defeating Republicans and he did his part to help ensure a Democratic victory in November.


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