I officially endorse John McCain for President! Palin Power!!!

What a provocative headline, right? Well, I’m actually officially endorsing Barack Obama. I just like playing around with Obama supporters. Up to this point, I’ve been critical of Obama in certain aspects, even though I have consistently stated that I would vote for him. So as a way to reassure my friends who are Obama supporters, I will be voting for Barack Obama.

I have been hesitant to come and fully endorse Barack Obama as I have, like other Hillary Clinton supporters, needed sometime to decompress and go through catharsis from the rough primary battle. I am still unhappy about what happened during the primaries and how Hillary Clinton was treated. It took me awhile to get over the smugness and ignorance of some Obama supporters. After all the garbage they threw at Hillary Clinton and her supporters, then they unrealistically expected all of her supporters to jump on his bandwagon and play nice. I don’t think so.

I was extremely disappointed that Barack Obama didn’t pick Hillary Clinton as VP. I think it was a huge tactical mistake and paved the way for an unknown governor named Sarah Palin. Had Obama selected Hillary Clinton as VP, I would have definitely been on board much quicker and been more enthusiastic about supporting his candidacy through word of mouth and financial support. However, Hillary was passed over in favor of Joe Biden. I don’t know how many votes Obama lost because of his choice. However, not picking Hillary depressed any enthusiasm her voters would have for Obama, even if they were going to vote for him eventually. 

Then when Sarah Palin was announced as John McCain’s VP, Obama supporters and the liberal media just went after her viciously and disturbingly in sexist ways. Even though I disagree with Palin on almost all the issues, as a matter of principle, especially after the way Hillary Clinton was a victim of sexism, I think I wanted to speak out against the sexism thrown against Palin. There are so many things that you can go after Sarah Palin for that are fair game. There are legitimate questions about who she is and her qualifications for VP. However, I just don’t think her physical appearance, her glasses, her voice, her clothes, and her children have anything to do with her qualifications. Attack her on Troopergate, her flip flop on the Bridge to Nowhere, her championing of so many earmarks, etc. Please attack her on legitimate and substantive issues. Also, nobody asked Barack Obama whether he could be a good father to his young children if he became President. However, the media and the far left kept asking her that question and plus she was running for VP, not President like Obama. This question was only asked of a woman and reinforced the gender stereotypes and double standards in the way our society views family structures. It was a blatant double standard. I just don’t get why there are so many Obama supporters and people on the far left that seem to hate and detest her so much. It’s irrational to me.

Also, I saw some blatant hypocricy in the fact that Obama supporters were constantly telling me during the primaries that experience didn’t matter. Obama was magical because he wasn’t tainted by not being in Washington for that long. Evil Hillary Clinton’s 35 years of experience was actually a handicap because she was in Washington too long. However, when Palin comes along, who is an outsider who hasn’t spent anytime in Washington, then all of a sudden experience matters so much. I’m not defending Palin on the issues because I think she’s on the fringe right. Even though she praises Hillary Clinton now, she stated during the primary that Hillary Clinton should stop complaining about sexism and get over it. These right wingers who had no sympathy for the sexism Hillary Clinton went through suddenly became feminists defending the honor of Sarah Palin. What a bunch of garbage.

With all that said, I am ready to fully get behind the Obama/Biden ticket. It’s time for Democrats to unite behind the ticket. In 2000, I supported Bill Bradley, but Al Gore got the nomination and I supported him. In 2004, I was supported Wesley Clark, but John Kerry got the nomination and I supported him. In 2008, I supported Hillary Clinton, but will support Barack Obama. I hope all Hillary Clinton voters will look at the issues and come to the conclusion that Barack Obama is a better candidate on policy than John McCain. I don’t decry any Hillary Clinton for what they ultimately decide. It’s your individual vote. However, I would urge any Hillary Clinton voter to support Barack Obama as Hillary Clinton herself has done. It’s time to get down to business and make sure that a Democrat gets into the White House after the eight year debacle of the Bush presidency.


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  1. I also was rooting for Wesley Clark and totally in support of Senator Clinton. But the minute that Obama was the default candidate, I put my suppost completely into his camp. McCain CANNOT be allowed in office, that is a given, but more and more I am beginning to feel that Senator Obama will be an excellent prez.

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