McCain supporter in Virginia writes a race baiting column about Barack Obama

Bobby May, treasurer of the Buchanan County Republican Party in Virginia and also a member of John McCain’s Virginia leadership team, wrote a column about Barack Obama that was the epitome of race baiting. Some of the many comments intended to scare white voters in rural Virginia about Barack “Hussein” Obama include having the rapper Ludacris color the White House black, appoint Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to high positions in the administration, and change the national anthem to James Weldon Johnson’s, “Black National Anthem”. This goes along with the wider strategy of the McCain campaign to remind white voters that Obama is black and thus is scary and untrustworthy. Palin (aka Bush Jr) has already tried to tell voters that Obama hangs out with “un-American” people. Also, Fox News, conservative pundits, and Republican strategists have already tried to racialize the economic crisis by attacking the Democratic Party’s obsession of funding unqualified minority homeowners along with blaming those scary groups made up of black community organizers like ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now). Get ready for more race baiting by the McCain campaign and its Republican supporters and surrogates as they are in desperation time as they are trailing badly and on the wrong side of the issues with a month left to go. Don’t let this garbage work this time!


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