Why is this incident not being reported at all by the mainstream media?

Oscar Grant, an 22 year African American man, was killed by a BART policeman who shot him on New Year’s Eve. This tragedy has led to upheaval in Oakland over the past week as it has inflamed ongoing historical issues of racism and police brutality in Oakland. Seattle is not immune as the affluent and whites congregate in North Seattle along with the suburbs to the north and the east, while the poor, working class, and people of color are cornered in South Seattle and areas to the south. Why has this incident in Oakland received almost no coverage from the national media? While the media has been absolutely obsessed with the death of the son of John Travolta and the Caylee Anthony fiasco, which are also tragedies, they have deliberately decided to ignore Oscar Grant’s unnecessary and tragic death. Why does the media continue to ignore the plight of the victims of institutional racism and police brutality in our urban areas?


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  1. it is indeed appalling that the officer pulled out his gun with the person he had detained face to the floor without any sign of a threat to the cop. just disgusting. really hits home as well since i used to ride on the bart quite a bit.

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