Blogging Old Testament Style

I have not blogged for a very long time. I used to blog more often years ago when I had more time and energy. I think blogging for me was a cathartic process. I needed an outlet to express myself. I’m an introvert who doesn’t always feel comfortable to verbalize my thoughts. Blogging allows me an opportunity to process on a computer screen versus in person. I wouldn’t say I was blogging so people would read my blog, though I appreciated people that did read it. I will restart blogging for a class I am taking in seminary. I will be blogging about the Old Testament. I am currently taking an introduction class for the Old Testament. Each week for ten weeks, the class will explore 10 different topics in the Old Testament. I will write a blog for each of these 10 topics giving my take on these subjects. For the few of you who do read this, I hope you will be blessed by it. I welcome any feedback you might have. Thanks so much!


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